Questions? Call us: 1300 355 777
Questions? Call us: 1300 355 777


NUGROUP is geared towards providing a holistic service to the rail construction sector. We specialize in the provision of welding teams, tie gangs, labour support, specialist hi-rail vehicles and more recently, Construction Management. At present we are engaged in the supply, construction and maintenance of railway assets throughout Victoria, Tasmania and Sydney.
NUGROUP commenced trading in 2010, originally providing security for rail projects. The company developed an interest in rail construction and moved into labour hire shortly afterwards including AT welders by 2013. Our passion for the industry helped to attract key personnel from all disciplines and moved us into whole projects.

Today we have expertise in all aspects of single discipline rail construction. Our approach to project delivery is to offer highly experienced management, a skilled workforce and innovative solutions to ensure that output quality is guaranteed.

We always strive to develop strong collaborative relationships with our clients to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved and the day to day work is effectively managed. We have historically carved a niche with labour and Aluminothermic Welding crews but this is rapidly changing as our partnerships and overall stake in the market grows.

A loyal and well-trained workforce has helped our business move forward and stand up strong against the competition. It has also helped to reduce employee turnover which means less lost productivity spent retraining new, inexperienced staff.

At present, we have 400+ certified rail employees. We are diligent in ensuring that they hold the minimum qualifications for their position. It is company policy to only deploy experienced personnel and we provide strict mentoring for those who have proven themselves worthy of a start in the rail sector.

To maintain our capability, we recognize that skilled labour and rail construction personnel require investment, leadership and commitment to continually improve and respond to our customer’s needs.

We take the training, wellbeing and management of our workforce seriously as this is a reflection on us and our ability to provide project teams in part or whole. Our teams are led by professional supervisors who bring their passion for the job and extensive rail and safety expertise to everything we do.

We support our staff with industry recognized training and broaden their knowledge with our ‘in house’ mentoring programs. The diversity of our employees is embraced at NUGROUP and we are dedicated to providing all of our employees a safe working environment.

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High speed rail, elevated track, light urban systems, high output automated track, commercial rail freight; These are all areas that will become important in Australia in the future. Thinking, investing, training and collaborating in this industry ensures we have the capabilities to meet the future demands of our customers.

With the continual assessment of client needs and adaptations of resources, our ambition is to become one of Australia’s leading Rail Construction companies.

We want to provide a diverse range of services at competitive prices that meet the needs of our clients, without compromising on quality.

We will continue to act with integrity in our relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees with the aim of forging long term, mutually rewarding relationships.

To be committed to the development of NUGROUP through effective management, sharing innovations and quality focus.


  • One point of contact for project
  • Safe and healthy work environment
  • Transparency
  • Respect for our customers and associates
  • Delivery of high quality services
  • Excellent value for money
  • Professional workforce
  • Environmental responsibility


  • White Card
  • Track Access/Rail Safety Cards
  • Certificate 2 & 3 in Rail Infrastructure
  • Current Category 1, 2 or 3 Rail Medical Examination
  • Laboratory Drug and Alcohol screening
  • Specialist roles to hold current requisite tickets


NUGROUP operates under ISO 9001:2008, Certificate No. QEC29595, recertified 24th March 2016.

Accredited for OHS ISO 14001 & Environmental ISO 18001.

Industrial Agreement:
National EBA agreed wth the RTBU, expires December 2017.