Questions? Call us: 1300 355 777
Questions? Call us: 1300 355 777


The principal welding supplier in Australia, both in terms of welding personnel and specialist equipment and resources. As an indication – 35+ teams, 40 vehicles – 22 of which are Hi-rail gauge convertible. The most significant factor to the expansion of NUGROUP is our weld capability.

Our welders are certified nationally and for all track variables such as crane, groove rail, heavy rail. In addition, they are certified to conduct welds on the track of all rail asset owners. Procurement becomes seamless as certification can, and more often is, provided in advance to avoid any delays to the project. Our welding crews are currently working Australia wide from Northern Territories to Tasmania.

To safeguard our standards, we conduct internal and external weld audits on a regular basis, also carry out random drug and alcohol testing.



  • Railtech 31kg to 68kg standard rail and HH
  • Railtech Crane Rail 73kg up to 192kg crane rail
  • Railtech 31kg to 68kg 65mm wide gap procedure
  • Thermit Head Repair Welding 31kg to 68kg HRW
  • Thermit elite 41kg to 60kg standard rail and HH

  • Thermit SMWF 31kg to 60kg standard rail and HH
  • Thermit SKVF 31kg to 60kg standard rail and HH
  • Thermit Crane Rail 73kg up to 192kg Crane rail
  • Thermit Groove rail 57kg and 60kg tram rail
  • Transition Weld 41kg to 57kg Tram rail

475216010Hours Worked
100100% Satisfied Clients
3296Projects Undertaken


Metro Trains RFD fault removals, re-stressing, IRJ installation, Turnouts, Verse Test Re-stressing. (VIC)
Metro Trains Re-Railing Night works 2.5 hour windows (Vic)
Coleman Rail Blackwater Re-Railing Free welding and re-stressing (QLD)
Coleman Rail Craigieburn Sitting Free welding and re-stressing (VIC)
Coleman Crane rail 86kg Crane rail 275 welds (VIC)
Yarra Tram’s H-Crossing, Turnouts, Straight track and Transition welding (VIC)
Coleman Light Rail Preston Tram Depot 1200 Groove Rail Welds Turnouts, H-Crossing’s straight track and curved 57Kg (VIC)
McConnell Dowell Hunter Valley Re Railing, Free welding, Re-stressing 1000m modules, Turnout welding and junction welding. (NSW)
Martinus Htr Val: Gunnadah Siding upgrade Free welding, turnout welding and re-stressing. (NSW)


Metro Trains Standard carbon V-Crossing build up’s, Wheel Burns, Magnse V-Crossing
Brookfield Rail Standard Carbon V-Crossing Build up’s, Wheel Burns, Magnse V-Crossing


Metro Trains Thermit, wheel burns & fractures
ARTC Thermit, wheel burns and fractures
TASRAIL Thermit, wheel burns and fractures


The occupational health, safety and wellbeing of all persons working for NUGROUP, is considered to be of foremost and utmost importance. NUGROUP is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its workers, contractors, clients and visitors.

NUGROUP Safety Policy calls for Zero Injuries, ensuring no one is harmed or injured while working within NUGROUP owned facilities and work zone.

All employees share the belief that health and safety is a critical aspect of their job and that the prevention of non-work injuries is their highest priority. We work to identify fatal risks and establish Zero injuries design, management and behavioral protocols to eliminate them.


Our aim is to develop a culture of trust and encourage our people to be open; we need informed conversations about safety. A continuous effort is put into maintaining this excellent safety performance, with a high emphasis placed on staff training, competence and assessment.

Collaboratively we aim to create innovative ways in which we can consult our people and create a positive attitude towards safety and empowerment to challenge unsafe behaviour in others.

Nugroup conduct site specific risk assessments before placement of our staff to confirm all safety procedures are in place and being adhered to.

Our OH&S representatives conduct audits with little or no forewarning to our employees whilst deployed to ensure all safety procedures are being followed daily.